How to Create Upcycled Retro Earrings from Used Materials


A more mindful culture in fashion is growing bigger each year. There are tons of ethical fashion brands being born each day – all promoting a kinder way to dress yourself up. Indeed, it is wonderful to have options that do not harm the environment. Nowadays, minimalism is also becoming more famous especially in the recent months when Marie Kondo became very sensational.


If you are taking the path to ethical fashion, why not make great use of your own creativity? You can craft retro-inspired earrings from old or used materials and really let your style speak.


Why retro-inspired? There is something timeless about vintage pieces – trends they say just keep on coming back. Why upcycled? We have so much waste on a daily basis and by making use of old or used materials, you are able to contribute in lowering the amount of waste being thrown away – affecting the environment. Furthermore, you are able to save more money for instead of buying new things again, you are able to craft something so uniquely you without any cost.




Here are the things you’d need:




             1 clear plastic bottle


             Old flip-flop/ rubber slipper (one color)


             A pair of scissors


             Thread and needle


             A pair of ear wire




Now, follow these simple steps in making your unique earrings:




1)      Prepare all your materials needed and make sure that they are all clean. Gather everything on a table or any flat surface.


2)      Firstly, cut a half-moon shape out of the rubber slipper (around  3.5×2 centimeters)


3)      Using a needle and thread, knit a pattern on the rubber slipper cut-out. You can be as imaginative as you can. For example: veins-like pattern from that of a leaf.


4)      Then, cut out the same leaf-like shape from the trash PET bottle. See to it that the size is a bit bigger than the rubber slipper cut-out (for some allowance for sewing)

5)      Fill in the rubber cut-out with knitted pattern inside your clear PET bottle cut-out (sandwiching the rubber slipper cut-out in between the PET bottle cut-outs)


6)      After that, sew the edges of the cut-outs to secure the filling. Tip: choose a thread color that is in contrast with the rubber slipper cut-out. In the photo, I choose yellow to bring out retro vibes!


7)      Prick the topmost edge of the crafted earring and attach the ear wire


8)      You are now ready to stand out in your retro-inspired upcycled earrings!


Crafting your own retro jewelry is an amazing way to keep being creative. It has been proven that crafting enhances focus, artistry, and presence. When you craft your own earrings, it also gives you that sense of pride – by being able to make something from scratch. In addition, it allows you to express yourself uniquely. Most of all, you are able to embrace a way of contributing good for the environment.













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