Dried Flowers Bouquet for the Vintage Boho Lover

Dried flowers are becoming one of the most popular elements in interior decorations. Cafes, boutiques, and shops are making use of diverse dried flowers to add some vintage, boho, and rustic vibes to spaces.

It can’t be denied that flowers are well-loved by many. Oftentimes, people wish they can keep the beauty of fresh flowers for a very long time. Now, dried flowers have made this possible by not only keeping the blooms but finding different energy that can still beautify any space. All over the world, special flower shops focused on selling dried flowers have sprouted.

You can surely make use of dried flowers at your own home. One specific thing you can craft is a vintage boho bouquet!

Here are some things you’d need:

A pair of scissors

Used fabric (make sure to curate color combinations you like)

Needle and thread (pick threads that can go well with your fabric)

Used buttons

Before going to the crafting process, make sure that you can set aside the flowers that you can dry. There are two ways you can dry flowers: air drying and microwave drying. We recommend air drying as it is more environment-friendly and can also be more convenient when drying flowers in bulk.

How to air dry:

  1. Remove excess foliage from the plant and keep the flowers. Keep the stem not shorter than six inches. Do not expose the flowers to direct sunlight for they might lose their color.
  2. Look for a dark and dry area around your house. Make sure the circulation there is good. Use hangers or anything you can DIY that can hold the flowers upside down. Leave them for two to three weeks.
  3. After two to three weeks, remove the flowers and spray unscented hair spray as some protectant.

When your dried flowers are ready, you can begin crafting them into bouquet decors. The first step is to pick some stems of flowers and gather them. You can combine various lengths to keep a sense of layering.

Easy steps in crafting:

Cut a piece of cloth – approximately 7 inches x 7 inches. Wrap it around the dried flowers so you can estimate how you’d sew the seam. Sew the seam using a thread with contrasting color to the cloth so it would create a unique look that is more vintage and boho. To accentuate, sew buttons on the front bottom side of the bouquet wrap. You can choose colors that are in contrast with the cloth too so it can add to the unique look of your piece.

After sewing the bouquet wrap. It’s time to add four strands of the sling. Cut four pieces of small cloth approximately two inches in width, and 10 inches in length each. Sew all of them on the edges of the cloth wrap, then the other end on to each other. You can also add some tassel on the bottom part of the dried flowers bouquet.

You can hang this DIY creation anywhere you want: in the living room, bedroom, etc. This versatile beauty is a charming addition to your interior decorations.  

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